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Related post: Date: Sat, 15 Feb 2003 19:23:26 underage japaneese porn -0800 (PST) From: Kirk Landers Subject: Relationships- part 7Copyright and Disclaimer: 1. This is a fictional story with fictional characters. 2. No one is to steal this story under any circumstances 3. This story deals with relationships and not sex, so if you're looking for a story with a lot of sex in it. This isn't the story for underage sex tours you.I will be writing the story a little differently now, instead of going from one person's point underage nude kid of view to the next, I'm just going to write it as a normal story, instead of going from one person to the next. Tell me which format you like better. Thanks. Hope you all enjoy. Also, I've been looking over past chapters and I am noticing some confusing word mix-ups in the story. There are words in some places of dialogue that I did not put in there, causing it to not make sense, so if you all have questions about a certain line in the story ask me and I'll straighten it out for you.Thanks!PREVIOUSLY ON "RELATIONSHIPS":"But anyway. Do you have a boyfriend or anything?" Ray asked"No. I've never had a boyfriend before." Alex said"Really?" Ray asked"Yea, well, I'm still in the closet about being bi, well except for a few close friends, so I don't really seem available to guys or anything." I said*********************************************"Jeff, let me tell you somthing. I don't know what you came here for. I don't really care why you came back underage and funlumpkinsing into Ray's life. I don't know you ukraine underage models well, but I know you well enough to know that you have somthing up your sleeve. And I know you're trying to hurt Ray. So, as any good boyfriend would say to protect the guy he loves, I am going to fight you. I am going to do whatever I can to make sure that you stay out of our way." Alex stated"Is this the part where the drums of war start playing and I should be running away in fear?" Jeff asked"If you're smart." Alex replied"Well, let me tell you this. You don't scare me. You don't intimidate me. You don't even have enough effect to make your stupid little speach you just made cause me to get shivers." Jeff began "So, if it's a war you want. Believe me, you'll get it."********************************************"So, let me get this straight Taylor. You are not going to pursue Alex russian underage thumbnails anymore?" Jeff asked"No." Taylor replied"I see, and may I ask why not?" Jeff asked getting angry"Because, him and Ray made up right? So what would the point be? I'd just get turned down." Taylor answered"Listen Taylor, I'm paying you good money to do this. So, don't even think about backing down now." Jeff said"But-" Taylor began but I cut him off"No buts." Jeff said "Just do it.""Fine." Taylor replied "But if you ask me this is just going to be a waste of time. He won't give in to me now.""I know that, underaged porn vidios gay porn underaged but I have some other thing planned. I just need you to keep pursuing him now to keep him side tracked." Jeff said"What do you have planned?" Taylor asked"You'll see." Jeff replied********************************************"Listen Jeff!" Ray said grabbing Jeff by kids pedo underage the arms "Don't test me.""Get off of me!" Jeff underaged models pics yelled and pushed Ray away.Ray threw a punch at Jeff. He hit him in the stomach and he bent over for a second, then Jeff recovered and threw a underage sex teen punch back and secret underage porno hit Ray in the face before he could get out of the underage sexe teen way. Ray stepped back a minute then hurled himself at Jeff."Get off of me!" Ray called out and threw JEff off of him. Jeff fell back on the couch and Ray launched foward at him. He then punched Jeff and then Jeff punched Ray back."Ass!" Jeff said as he shoved him off.Jeff tried to get up, but Ray grabbed him and threw him against the wall. Jeff then just collapsed from exhastion."Consider this a warning." Ray said and then headed towards the door. "If you want to go a couple more rounds I'm right next door."******************************************** Jeff was on the phone in his new apartment calling up an aquantence of his."Harvy Lewis?" Jeff asked on the phone "Yes, this is Jeff Morales....I know it has been a while....No, I'm calling because I have a job for you....I need you to give me any information russian nudists underage you can about a guy named Alex Grant....yes that's right.....He's a senior kds porn underage in high school....Why do I want information on him? Harvy, why ask questions if your getting paid? Just do it....all right....goodbye."********************************************"Well, I looked up your friend Alex Grant." Harvy began "...I found out that he had a previous boyfriend.""So?" I asked"Well his ex-boyfriend's name is Dean Horowitz." Harvy said "And he's in jail.""What?" I asked suprised"Yup." Harvy replied "... he's underage nudity forum in jail on charges of being involved in a gang related crime.""When will he be released?" I asked intrigued"Next month."Harvy replied"Listen, when this Dean Horowitz model underage bikini gets out of jail I want you to get me a location of where I can contact him at. I have some business to discuss free underage trailers with him." I said smiling********************************************And Now An All New "RELATIONSHIPS""JAIL DATE"Ray was just getting back from underage teeny pics his morning jog just as Jeff was heading towards the elevator with underaged black pussy a bag."Hi Ray." Jeff said in a ver monotone way."Jeff." Ray replied "Where you going?""I'm going to be gone for a couple of days. I'm going to go stay at a hotel and just take bikini model underage it easy." Jeff lied."I see, well take your time." Ray said"Don't worry. I'll be back soon." Jeff retorted and then left.****ALEX'S WORK****Alex was working at the video store like he does every weekend, and like every Saturday morning there underage pics girls is no one there...well there was one person, a woman in her mid 40's, she was just finishing up checking out some video's with Alex."Okay so that's three videos that will be $10.50." Alex said kindly, as he was checking out some videos to her.She gave him the money and he then handed her the tapes."These tapes are due back Thursday before underage bbs gateway midnight." Alex said with a smile on his face, like any good employee should do.Then she left and Alex went back to putting some returned tapes back on the shelves. While Alex was busy putting some tapes and DVD's back Ray walked into the video store and went up to him quietly and then grabbed his shoulders."Holy Crap!" Alex yelled tossing a few DVD's up in the air.Ray started laughing when Alex turned around to see him."You ass." Alex said punching Ray playfully in the arm."Sorry, but it was too perfect of an opportunity to pass up." Ray said smiling.Alex picked up the DVD's he underage nudies threw and handed them to Ray."Here, you put them away." Alex said"Hey! I don't work here." Ray underage boys porn said trying to hand the DVD's back to Alex."Well, for being such an jerk, and scaring me half to death that's what you deserve." Alex said smiling"Fine, you win." Ray said smiling his million dollar smile and then started to put the DVD's away for Alex."What are you doing here anyway?" Alex asked sitting down on the underage asian blowjob ground watching Ray work."I came to see you, but if I knew I'd underage schoolgirls videos have to work I would have skipped coming here." Ray said laughing a little."You came to see me?" Alex asked feeling pretty flattered that his fella came out just to see him."Of course." Ray saidRay then finished up wtih putting the DVD's away and he followed Alex back to the front desk area."So are you going to come over tonight?" Ray asked"Do you want yong underage girls me to come over tonight?" Alex asked playfully."No, because I'm going to be having some hot affair tonight so I just want to make sure you won't walk in on underage student sex us." Ray said jokingly."Oh God forbid I walk in on you cheating on me." Alex said smiling."I know." Ray said leaning in towards Alex. Ray was about to kiss him, but he stopped just inches away from his face because he wasn't sure if anyone was in the video store."No one's in here." Alex said"Good." Ray replied then he leaned underage sexy gallery in further and started to kiss Alex.Alex slowly slid his tongue in Ray's mouth and Ray then gently began to reciprocate, and then Alex's favorite part of the kiss was when he felt Ray's warm breath lightly on his mouth as they kissed."There's a little sample of what you'll get if you come over tonight." Ray said breaking the kiss."I'll get more of that?" Alex asked "Well, underage model toplist then I better not come over tonight.""Hey!" Ray said pretending to be offended and he playfully gave Alex a little push."Alex, you have to come over tonight because Jeff is out of town somewhere and he won't bug us at all tonight." Ray said"You just said the magic words!" Alex said smiling. "Where did he go?""I don't know. I just saw naked underage blondes him with a bag and he said he would be gone for a couple of days." Ray replied"So, asian underage homepages we can have a full night together with re-assurence that the night won't get spoiled by Jeff?" Alex asked happily"That's right." Ray replied also happy about Jeff being gone."Well, I have to work a little late tonight, but I'll be at your place around 11:30 all right?" Alex asked"I'll underage love pics be up and waiting." Ray answered"I'm sure you will be." Alex replied smiling"Hey Alex, can I ask you a question?" Ray asked getting serious."Yea, sure. What is it?" Alex asked"Well, I was wondering. Tonight, underage thongs do you think tonight might be...the night?" Ray asked"What do you mean?" Alex asked a little underage nudism pictures confused."I mean that you and I have never consemated this relationship." Ray said"Oh." Alex replied a little suprised that Ray was suggesting underage free photos this."Do you want to?" Ray askedAlex hesitated for a minute thinking of a good answer, but couldn't..."Look at the time!" Alex said looking down at his watch "It's going to start getting crowded soon, I better get back to work.""But-" Ray began"We'll talk about it later." Alex replied and then took a bunch of videos and left to go reshelve the tapes.Ray looked at Alex a little confused, but then decided to leave. Meanwhile, Jeff went to the LA County Jail to make a visit to Alex's ex-boyfriend, Dean Horowitz. He was going to wait until Dean got out of jail, but was too excited so he had to go and meet this criminal ex of Alex's. Jeff sat down at a table with a glass window in the underage girls fuck center that seperated him from the prisoners and then he saw Dean sit down in front of him. Dean was about 6'2 piercing blue eyes, dark hair, had that dangerous good looking thing going on for him. Jeff and Dean picked up the phones to communicate on and Jeff began the pretenn underage pictures conversation."Hello Dean." Jeff said calmly"Who are you?" Dean asked"My name is Jeff. I know an old friend of yours." Jeff replied"Who?" Dean asked suspiciously"Alex Grant." Jeff answered smiling in that evil way of his.Dean's face turned from bored to a look of concern."You know Alex?" underaged models bbs Dean asked "How is he?""He's fine." Jeff replied cooly"Did he send you here? Where is he?" Dean asked hopeful"Mr. Horowitz, I underage jpg gallery didn't come here to get drilled by questions sweet underage models from you regarding Alex. I have questions of my own that I would like answered." Jeff retorted"Fine, ask away." Dean said"All right. First question, how long were you and Alex seeing one another?" Jeff asked curiously"Well, we got together when he was fifteen and I was seventeen and then we broke up two weeks after he turned seventeen." Dean answered "So, about two years.""I see." Jeff replied "And, why did you two break up?""Let's just say some bad stuff happened." Dean replied cruelly "Listen, I don't know what you're after here, but-""Listen Dean, I underage hymen can arrange a reunion between you and Alex once you get out of here, but you nude underage flatchested have to cooporate with me here." Jeff snapped"He wouldn't want naked underaged pictures to see me. Not after what happened." Dean said"I have a feeling that Alex is in need of you." Jeff replied"In need of me?" Dean asked "For what?""We'll go over all that later." Jeff said "Tell me, is the reason you and Alex broke up have anything to do with why you're here?""Yes." Dean replied bluntly"I see, and why are you here?" Jeff asked"A friend of mine was in a gang and well, he tried to get out of the gang, but you can't just ask permission to leave a gang. So, I went with him and he faced them and-" Dean said, but then stopped abruptly."And what?" Jeff asked curious"All hell broke loose." Dean replied "My friend got killed and they underage kds lists were going to kill me, but the cops came.""So, Alex just broke up with you because you ended up in jail?" Jeff asked"No, it's more than that. He asked me if I was involved with that gang and I said no. Then when I got picked up for being in a fight with that gang, Alex didn't believe me anymore and that's why we broke up." Dean said underage sexy schoolgirls "And, I can't blame him, I mean he thinks I lied to him.""I see." Jeff said absorbing in what was he was just told."So why does Alex need me?" Dean asked curiously"He's in a relationship with an aweful guy. This man he's with can come off as nice and friendly, but that's hardly the case. He will underage a hurt Alex, if Alex makes even the slightest mistake in their relationship." Jeff said, acting very child underage lola sincere.Dean looked at Jeff, not quite sure how to take this all in."The only question is 'do you still love him'?" Jeff asked****ALEX'S WORK**** Alex was finishing up putting videos away when a familier stranger came up to him."Hey." underaged sex pictures Taylor said walking up to him."Oh. Hi." Alex replied not exactly thrilled to see him."So, how have you been?" underage nonude teens Taylor asked"Fine." Alex replied quickly and heading back to the front check out counter."Are you underage nudity models mad at me?" Taylor asked curiously"Depends. real underage model Why are you here?" Alex asked"What if I said 'I wanted to see you'."? Taylor asked"Then I would say, 'Yes, I am mad at you.'" Alex replied"Why?" Taylor asked"Because, I've explained to you that I'm seeing somebody." Alex replied a little pissed"Doesn't mean I have to stop trying." Taylor replied smiling"Yes, actually it does." Alex said"Hey, I never underage boys fuck give up until I get what I want." Taylor said still smiling a cocky smile."I have to get to work." Alex replied"Alex, like all Saturday afternoons in this place, there is no one here." Taylor said"Look, Taylor you are really beginning to piss me off." Alex said"Well, at least I'm leaving some kind of an impression on you. It's only a matter of time now." Taylor replied heading for the door. "I'll see you."****RAY'S APARTMENT****Ray poured girls underage blowjob himself a glass of vodka and sat back and watch TV. However his mind was focussing more on the fact that Alex seemed so evasive about having sex. He thought underage topless galleries that Alex would underage funlumpkinsed want that to happen. To Ray, this seemed like the next step in their relationship. But he didn't want to pressure Alex into doing something he didn't want to do, underage unclothed so he decided that whether Alex wanted to have sex or not, he would be understanding about it.****LA COUNTY JAIL**** "Well?" Jeff asked "Do you still love Alex?""How do you expect me to answer that?" Dean asked "I hardly know you.""Yes, well I'm the one who can get you two back together. All I need to know is if you still want him?" underage girls fotos Jeff asked smiling his devilish smile."You said he's in a relationship with a bad guy?" Dean asked"Yes, and I believe that you can redeem him." Jeff repliedDean thought it over for a minute."All cape town underage right. When I get out of here, I'll go to him." Dean said"Great." Jeff replied****RAY'S APARTMENT****Alex was over at his place talking about his day at work."And petite underaged pics then this really old guy came in asking 'Do you have this one movie, with that one guy with the dark hair?' and I just thought, 'Well that narrows it down to about a million movies'." Alex said laughing"So what did you do?" Ray asked"Well, luckily, Debbie, who takes the shift after mine was there so I told him to ask her." Alex replied"Poor Debbie." Ray said"Yea, well, be thankful I did that or else I would probably still be there." Alex said smiling"Oh, then I'm glad you did that." Ray said giving Alex a kiss Ray then wrapped his arms around Alex and started to rub his hands up and down Alex's arms slowly."So did you think anymore about what I asked earlier?" Ray asked thai underaged vids curiously"I don't know Ray." Alex said turning to face him."Why not?" Ray asked "Do you not trust me yet?""No, it's not that. Alex began. "It's just that, I don't know if incest underage porn I'm really ready for that yet.""I understand." Ray said a little dissapointed, but underage pussy spread he didn't want to make Alex feel bad sexy underage pics or guilty about it."You're mad." Alex replied"No, I'm underaged girls toplist not." Ray said giving Alex a hug. "That doesn't matter, you matter and if you're not ready then it's okay.""You sure?" Alex asked"Positive." Ray replied smiling. "So, what else underage nudist beach went on today?"Alex sat back for a moment debating whether to tell Ray about Taylor or not. If he told him he knew that Ray would underage preeten pics get upset and he doesn't want to underage polish porn ruin this night, so..."Nothing." Alex replied smiling a bit nervously. Alex and Ray spent the rest of the night talking together and enjoying a quiet night with out Jeff. Jeff, however was smiling from ear to ear when he went to the hotel that he was staying at. When he got back to his room he called up Taylor on the telephone."Taylor? It's Jeff." He said"Oh hey. What's going on?" Taylor asked"Alex's old boyfriend is going to be making him a visit once he gets out of jail." Jeff said smiling"Jeff, you're really putting a lot of effort into this. Why do you care so much underage toplist tpg about getting Alex and Ray apart?" Taylor askedAnnoyed by that young underage tgp question Jeff replied; "Do, I have to remind you what Ray did to me?""No, but it was a long time ago." Taylor said"Let me ask you something Taylor. Are you starting to wuss out on me?" Jeff asked"No, it's just-" Taylor began to say, but Jeff cut him off."Good, because I have no interest in working with wimps." Jeff replied "Just do what I told underage xxx videos you to do."With that Jeff slammed the underage and shaved phone down.****RAY'S APARTMENT****"You want a drink?" Ray asked Alex, who was sitting on the couch watching tv."No thanks." Alex repliedRay went into the kitchen and brought out a bottle of vodka and poured himself a glass. After that he went back into the living room and sat down with Alex."So, anything good on TV?" Ray asked taking a sip of his drink."Nope." Alex replied "Pretty boring night for television. But, have no underage nude films fear because I brought over some movies from work.""Cool." Ray repliedAlex got up and went to his back pack and pulled out a few underage ranchi movies and then put on one of the comedies he brought. He then sat back on the couch with Ray. He was trying to get comfortable,but he was still feeling guilty about not telling Ray about Taylor so he decided to come clean."I have to tell you something." Alex said"What is it?" Ray asked"This guy who comes to visit me at work from time to time, he keeps hitting on me." Alex said"Well, then that guy has good taste." Ray said underage snuff porn giving Alex a kiss"No, but I told him about you and he still photos underage nudists keeps doing it." Alex said"You want me to beat him up?" Ray asked jokingly."No, I'm serious. I told him that I was seeing someone and he says that he'll just keep trying anyway." Alex replied"Alex, if it's bugging you that much then just tell him." Ray said"I have." Alex said "There's something wierd about him, underage chloe model this guy is a little too persistent.""Well, why don't you ask him about it?" Ray replied"You underage pussy fuck think I should?" Alex asked"Yea, if you think something wierd is going on then you should ask him about it." Ray said"All right." Alex replied feeling relieved he told Ray about it. Ray, however was feeling a little uneasy that some guy keeps hitting on Alex. He quickly finished his drink and tits gallery underage then went into the kitchen for some more vodka.****LA COUNTY JAIL****Dean was sitting in his cell and thinking about Alex. He loved him and is determined to save him from this bad relationship he's in once he gets out of jail. As he was thinking about Alex he was remembering how they first got together....****FLASHBACK****Dean was a junior and Alex was a sophmore in high school. They were in the same class for biology and were partners for the labs they did in that class. One day Alex and Dean were working on disecting a frog..."This frog smells." Alex said"What do you expect? It's dead." Dean replied"you must be used underage models art to it. I'm sure your girlfriend smells the same." Alex said jokingly"Ass." Dean replied smiling dui underage drinking "Besides, I don't have a girlfriend.""Oh, then your boyfreind smells the same." Alex said still joking."You got me there." Dean answered "Now, hurry up, we have to finish this assignment. It says on this sheet we have to locate the heart.""I wasn't paying attention when Mrs. Rodick was going over the assignment, what does the heart look like?" Alex askedWith that the bell rang underage girl creampies for the end of the period."Crap, we have to turn this paper in tomorrow and this was the last time we are able to work on these frogs." Dean said"Well, we can meet after school and look up the rest of the stuff in our bio books." Alex suggested"All right. I have a car so meet me after school and we'll head over to my place all right?" Dean asked"Sure." Alex repliedAfter school Alex met up with Dean and they got in his car and headed to his place. When they got to his house no one was home. They went up to his room and got their homework sheets out."Damn, I forgot my biology book." Dean said"That's cool. We can share mine." rape underage porn Alex said moving closer to Dean so they could both look at the book easily.Alex and Dean started to do the homework sheet. Between questions while Alex was looking through the book for some of the answers Dean would pretend he was looking at the book too, but he would casually look up so he could watch Alex for a little bit as he concentrated."Okay, I found the answer to number sixteen." Alex said pointing to a section in the book."Cool." Dean replied looking at the book where Alex was pointing at.They wrote underage nympho sex very underage porne down the answer and then Dean looked up at Alex."So, do you have toplist underage teen a girlfriend?" Dean asked"No, but that doesn't have anything to do with our assignment. Maybe we should finish up our homework k?" Alex asked wanting to finish up with the homework so he could get home."Oh, sure. Sorry." Dean replied"It's no problem." Alex answered "Okay, question number seventeen. During the disection process did you notice any- Wait, why tiny underage erections did underage hentai you want to know if I had a girlfriend?"Alex was a little curious why Dean would ask such a random question."I was just curious." Dean replied"Okay." Alex said looking at Dean a little strangely."Can I ask you a question?" Dean asked"What is it?" Alex replied"Have you ever thought about-" Dean began, but he cut himself off."Thought about what?" Alex asked"I'm going to say something, and it will probably free underage photos come as a shock to you, but I just have to say it." Dean said'What is it?" Alex askedDean was quiet and didn't say anything."Okay, you're acting weird. Maybe I should just go. I'll see you tomorrow." underaged nudist models Alex said packing his stuff up and getting up."But we didn't finish the assignment." Dean said"I'll finish it tonight and you can look at my sheet tomorrow." Alex said heading to leave."Wait!" Dean saidAlex stopped underage black teens and turned around to underage girl hentai look guys underage sex at Dean."What?" Alex asked"Aw hell." Dean said deciding to go for it, he went up to Alex, leaned in and kissed him."Whoa!" Alex said shocked "What was that?""Damn, I knew you were straight. I'm so sorry, please don't tell anyone about this." Dean saidAlex turned around with out saying anything and headed to the front door and then he left."Dammit!" Dean said feeling humiliated. "If he says anything about this tomorrow my reputation is ruined."Dean laid down on the couch to calm down a little, but there was a knock on the door. He hot underage boy got up and opened the door and Alex was standing there. Dean was hoping that Alex had a change of heart or something..."I forgot my folder." Alex said"Oh." Dean 12 yo underage replied dissapointed. underage teen girl "I'll go get it."Dean went to his room, got Alex's folder and headed back to the front door where Alex was standing."Here you go." Dean said handing Alex the folder."Thanks." Alex repliedAlex turned away about to leave, but then he turned to look at Dean again."Hold on one second." Alex said closing the door."What is it?" Dean asked"Be quiet for a second." Alex said, he then leaned in and gave Dean a kiss.Alex then looked at Dean."Dammit!" Alex said"What is it?" Dean asked"I think I might like guys too." Alex replied, discovering that he's bi."Do you like me?" Dean asked"I don't know. I've never really thought of guys that way before and then you go and kiss me and suddenly everything goes crazy." Alex said"Can I kiss you again?" Dean underage cp collection asked"No." Alex repled "Well, fine, yea go ahead."Dean leaned in and gave Alex another kiss."You're a good kisser." Dean said"You are too." Alex replied "You turned me into a fruit!""I'm cute underage small sorry." Dean answered underage top list and gave Alex another kiss."Damn that's good." Alex said and kissed Dean again.****END FLASHBACK****Dean sat thinking about that happier time in his life."I'm going to get you back Alex." Dean said to himself more determined than ever before in his life.********************************************************TO BE CONTINUED....
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